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It is almost here – the new year 2024.


2023 was a very short year for me. Today, as I look forward to the new year, I recognize I have much to do with my future. I can look at 2024 as a blank paper, or I can see it as a large sheet of paper filled with timelines, goals, dreams, wishes, and desires. How can I look at this large sheet filled with all my aspirations without recognizing there will be pitfalls, accidents, and circumstances beyond my control? While the allure of detailed planning and strategic outlines hold a certain appeal, the truth is that life often has a flair for the unexpected.


As we have completed the prompts sheet from Monday’s post, setting out my intentions is the beginning of the design for the new year. It provides direction, purpose, and clarity within the unknown. Through intentions, I fill my actions with meaning, positioning myself with the paths I wish to follow. It’s about envisioning my desired future and taking deliberate steps toward it.


Strategies act as my blueprints, allowing me to add projections to my future. They offer structure, thereby guiding my actions toward my intentions, and provide a roadmap, enabling me to navigate twists and turns along the journey.


Life will not solely adhere to my drawing. Circumstances beyond my control will present surprises. It’s in these moments that adaptability and resilience become my greatest tools. The ability to pivot, embrace change, and find opportunities amidst these challenges will allow me to flourish in the face of unpredictability.


So, the year will begin with a dance between intentions and circumstances. I will set sail with my intentions as my GPS, my strategies as the wind in my sails, and yet remain open to the currents and tides that may veer me off course.


May this year be a year of strategies and intentions to have a better 2024 than 2023.


I subscribe to Stephen Covey’s, “Begin with the end in mind.”


How about you? How will your 2024 end?


Watch for the blind spots.



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Dec 27, 2023

This one filled with great metaphors. I am certain, no matter the unexpected twists and turns, I will see you on the path! Happy turn of the calendar page to you, my friend. See you soon in 2024!

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