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Honor your father and mother. [Exodus 20:12]

It's difficult to believe that some mothers and fathers have yet to earn this privilege. This is not about passing judgment on them but making a point for all of us.

Last Sunday, we sat behind a young family; a mom, a dad, and three children ages 9, 7, and 5. They were a delight to observe. The dad was engaged in the service, and so was the mom.

I was particularly enamored by the mom, who was constantly engaged with each child separately. Her looks told a powerful story and were unmistakable. Her smile was approval and acceptance. Her eyebrows told one story, and her pursed lips told another. Each child was very attuned to her. Her tilted head expressed pay attention. Her smile said they were doing a great job.

She spent time with the 7-year-old during the hymns by pointing out the complicated method of reading the hymnal. While talking about scripture, she helped the older two find it in their children's bible that they carry each Sunday. Amazingly she did all of this without disengaging in her participation in the service.

What a delight to watch her seamlessly orchestrate them in such a way that seemed like a language they knew and understood without using words.

Occasionally, Dad would glance across with the same telepathic ability, expressing his thoughts of their acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Following a wonderful children's sermon, they retreated with the other children to spend their own time together. The parents then moved side by side and participated in the remainder of the service.

What an excellent example of a family worshiping together.

Honor your father and mother. This commandment calls on us as children to be devoted to our parents, but it also calls on us as parents to be honorable so that respect for one another and for the family develops naturally through love, dedication, and discipline.

Oh, to be able to go back and do it again. It may have been very different for my family. I am sure it would have been. Yet knowing that there is no turning back, we can search for role models and examples of how we can make today better than yesterday.

Honor your father and mother.

Need I ask any questions about your understanding of this commandment?

I choose better every day.

How about you?

Watch for the blind spots.

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