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It’s the end.

Well, here we are ending 2023.

On Jan 2nd, my post had to do with what you planned to accomplish in 2023, to look ahead to December and write down what you wanted to accomplish and then put it in an envelope.

My post Halfway Home, on June 30, was a reminder to keep going and check our progress.

I know I was needing to catch up on a on a few things in my letter. You may not have even started.

If you did, it’s time to open the envelope and read what you wrote at the beginning of the year. How did you do?

Whether or not you did it, let us all begin now by engaging in reflection. Let's use the prompts in the download I created as a source of inspiration. Please print it out as a reminder of our strength and as a compass that guides us towards a purposeful and positive life as we enter 2024.

As we have woven our tapestry of personal growth in 2023, reflecting on it will show us the beauty found in embracing each new day with an open heart and a motivated spirit.

Jim Rohn says, "Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day."

Here's to the journey ahead—down life's highway of self-discovery and pursuing a life well-lived with unwavering determination.

Watch for the blind spots and enjoy the process!

I appreciate your feedback, let me know how you did and please like or share.

Start the New Year right, get your copy or gift a copy of Blind Spots in Relationships. Discover the hidden behavior that can be holding you back from the relationships you desire.

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