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My Temperature

I have occasionally found myself in a room where the atmosphere feels overwhelming.


Sometimes, individuals hold the power to dampen the mood unintentionally. Negative energy from someone—I call Negative Nate or Nelly—can cast a shadow on conversations, depleting the moment's joy. It's easy to blame them for sapping the room's energy and allowing their mood to control the situation.


Reflecting on instances where others' negative influence affected my temperament, it's essential to acknowledge how easily I allow external factors to dictate my emotional self. Even inside relationships, the emotional condition of one partner can set the tone for the entire connection. This inadvertently shifts the balance of joy and responsibility.


Taking ownership of emotional well-being within a situation requires mindfulness and introspection. The initial step is to recognize the impact of external influences on my mood. By setting clear boundaries, prioritizing emotional well-being, and fostering open communication, I become stronger and more resilient, which enables me to regain a sense of self-control.


In both professional and personal relationships, I have found it easy to let external influences set the tone or unwittingly steal my joy. I am learning to take my temperature and figure out how I am doing regardless of how anyone else is acting.


I can never find out how I am doing by taking your temperature.


Even if everyone is out of sorts or upset, I can still be okay and disallow them to dictate my mood or steal my joy.


How about you? Do you check someone else's temperature to get a read on what is going on with you or what you allow in your life, mind, business, or relationships?


Watch for the blind spots.



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