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Pay Attention

A friend mentioned a workshop regarding paying attention. This caught me by surprise as I began to think of all the things I take for granted. So many sights and sounds are repeatedly seen and heard that they blend into nothingness. It is easy for me to notice the anomalies and allow them to capture my attention, but am I looking at the ordinary, or am I looking for the beautiful, fascinating, and exciting things around me?


It is surprising how much sneaks past my attention. How many details evade my sight, how many whispers fade unheard, how many scents elude my nose, how many flavors escape my tongue, and how many textures evade my touch? The sheer magnitude of what I overlook is staggering.


Do I look for the moment or enjoyment? Do I chew for the taste or to satisfy my hunger? Do I listen for what I didn’t hear? Did I smell something new or familiar without allowing it to catch my attention? Did I pay attention to texture, or did I touch and go?


Rushing through my routines can cause me to miss some profound moments. No doubt, I am a creature of habit and routine. I can rush through my days preoccupied with to-do lists and deadlines, dulling my senses by the monotony of the familiar. I take so much for granted—the mundane sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations that make up my existence.


I have missed out on the subtle beauty of the world around me, the simple joys that enrich my life, and the moments of connection that nourish my soul. I have missed the opportunity to experience each precious moment and be fully and truly present.


I want to be acutely aware, take a moment to pause, breathe, look around, and notice the beauty and magic in the ordinary. I choose to pay attention to the world unfolding before me, to the symphony of life playing out all around me.


How about you? Do you need this reminder like I did?


Watch for the blind spots.

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