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Rickey Hill

I just watched the movie "The Hill". It is a true story of Rickey Hill, who was born with an affliction that left him crippled and with clumsy leg braces. He dreamed of playing baseball in the major league but was ill-equipped. His dad vehemently discouraged this idea, but Rickey was riveted on becoming a major league baseball player. In the movie, Rickey's grandmother is on her deathbed and says to him in her unpolished English, "Regret is an ache in your bones that doesn't ever stop." I'll let you see this tremendous true story without divulging any more.


The thought "no regrets" caught my attention. I have written about this before. Regret is such an important word to me. I have more regrets in my life than I want to remember.


Regret is an emotion shaped by opportunities I let slip away, the paths not taken due to fear, or the chances I missed because I allowed myself to be held back by others or my limitations.

Regret is a feeling of remorse and the pain of realizing that some life choices are irrevocable.


I have regrets caused by unaddressed opportunities I let slip away. Life has presented me with a myriad of possibilities, but often, I find myself paralyzed at the crossroads of decision-making. This paralysis stems from a fear of risk, causing my "what ifs" to overshadow my "what could be." Sometimes, I fear failure and rejection, and sometimes, I even fear success. The result is a standstill, where dreams and aspirations are abandoned, and the road less traveled remains a mystery.


However, it is essential to recognize that regret, despite its ache, serves a purpose. It is a reminder of my capacity for growth and change. Each regret carries with it lessons learned and the wisdom gained through experience. Embracing these lessons can be the key to not repeating past mistakes and making more fulfilling choices in the future.


Regret can become a stumbling block or a sign to re-evaluate my choices, learn, grow, and break free from constraints.


How about you? Are your regrets an ache in your bones, or do they propel you?


Watch for the blind spots.


Thank you for your feedback. It is invaluable to me and I appreciate it.

Blind Spots in Relationships Jerry D Clark MA LPC

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