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The Box

I recently heard a story of the man who approached the pearly gates and met St. Peter.

Peter was so happy to see him and welcomed him in. As the man was looking at the amazing wonders of heaven, he noticed in the distance a massive warehouse.

It looked somewhat out of place. He asked Peter what it was for, and Peter ignored his question.

They continued to talk, and the man was full of questions that Peter answered freely. Every time the man asked about the massive storage building, Peter ignored his question, then he finally relented.

As they walked toward the massive structure, Peter told him that everyone who came into heaven had the same question and was usually very disappointed at the answer. Even with this information, the man’s curiosity would not subside. As they got closer to the building, the man was even more in awe of its size.

Peter told him that each person who entered heaven had a box in the building with their name on it. He said if he truly wanted to know the purpose of the storage building, he would have to find his box.

When they entered, the man noticed endless rows of shelves packed with boxes of all shapes and sizes.

They were arranged in alphabetical order and Peter told him to find his box. When the man found his box, it was neatly sealed with a ribbon around it, he was confused when he opened his package and discovered that it was packed full of smaller boxes.

Peter began to explain that this box held all the gifts this man had been given by God that he did not use—the books he didn't write, the jobs he didn't apply for because he thought he wasn’t good enough, the business he didn't start because he didn’t think he had what it took, the apologies he never made, the kindness he held too tightly, the numerous times he turned his back when he could have reached out, the love he still had to give but was afraid to be disappointed, the knowledge he didn't share when opportunities arose, the smiles not returned or given, the joy and laughter he suppressed because of the stress and anxiety of life, the ideas he didn’t turn into realities, and the knowledge and solutions he didn't share with others.

Ouch! What a story. It challenges me to look for the gifts I possess that I have not given. The dreams I have just passed off as something I could have never accomplished. The times I turned from the challenge that could have made a tremendous difference for myself and others.

This story reminds me that I get to look for the gifts I still must give.

I pray I have an empty box when I get there I want to Live Full, and Die Empty” —Les Brown

How about you?

Look for the blind spots.

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Very though provoking!


It's never too late. That's the good news!! Thanks for sharing.


I hope it isn’t too late to have an empty box.

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