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What is the Product of the Product?

I want a nice job, house, car, family, friends, vacation, boat, etc. All of these are wonderful.

Who doesn’t want these things? It is easy to look to the future with these desires.

However, it is more difficult than it looks. Situations and others get in the way. If only life would allow me to do it my way and cooperate, I could have all these amazing things.

I could wake up every morning with a smile and no emotional, physical, or financial pain. I could face the day with comfort, peace, and joy, or is this thinking just a myth?

That’s an interesting thought and perhaps I have my ‘wants’ confused. Maybe, comfort, peace, and joy are the product of the product I seek.

Do I need to be chasing the material things in life or am I seeking to fill some internal deficits? Are there holes in my life that I mistakenly think ‘things’ will satisfy?

I feel blessed to live in such an amazing nation full of riches, but do I live by the need to have more, or do I live by the need to be more?

I wonder whether looking at others as having more would fill some of the voids in my life that I believe need to be filled by "stuff." There is nothing wrong with wanting the creature comforts that we all desire. I just wonder if it will be enough or if it makes me want more.

I choose to look for the product of the product. I want peace, comfort, and joy.

In the big playbook, Paul was able to find joy in prison. This always puzzled me until now. I see that there are many ‘prisons’ in life, but when I choose to seek the product of the product, I find I am content just as Paul said, “in whatever circumstance, wherever I am or whatever I have.

When we seek the product of the product we produce peace, comfort, and joy within our own lives, our circle of influence, and as far around the world as it can reach.

I am amazed at people, even children with illnesses, that can show joy amid struggles. I love stories of being surprised at the generosity of people especially those who have less. I love givers and I am surrounded by so many.

I am astounded and extremely blessed to live such a full life. I have been blessed by so many people I have met along the way. Right now, in my life, I make the decision to seek out “things” like appreciating, being thankful, noticing other people doing things well, having a positive effect, and challenging others to be their best.

As I do this, I discover the result of the product I am seeking.

What is the product of the product you are seeking?

Look for the blind spots.

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