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Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. It is easy not to see what you are not looking for.

I was recently reacquainted with Anthony, who was in our veterans' group for several years. He is an amazing man who served in the Gulf War and is disabled due to PTSD. I first met him when he brought his friend to the group. I'll call him Mr. B.

I didn't know Mr. B was blind for the first few meetings. The group averaged about 25 per meeting, and he was quiet and reserved until we got to know him. His blindness was due to cataracts, and because of problems with his discharge, he could not receive VA benefits.

His doctor told him he would be blind beyond repair if he didn't get these cataracts removed immediately. With no insurance or VA benefits, blindness was his permanent destination.

Anthony reached out, not for himself, but for Mr. B. because the process for restoring his VA benefits was going to take too long to save his sight.

Through the group's efforts, two doctors who heard his story, volunteered their services. The Lions Club paid for the surgery facility.

Anthony was personally responsible for Mr. B's new sight. He stuck by his side, oftentimes lacking in gas money, he drove Mr. B. to all his appointments, and made certain he attended the Thursday evening veterans' support group.

This is only one of the things Anthony has unselfishly done to help others. He is the first to volunteer and recently spent countless days assisting the victims of the recent tornado in Pasadena. He is an example of sacrifice, and selfless serving.

I was just apprised of his reaching out for help for himself. I had no idea he was suffering in his own home, which was in desperate need of repairs during the years he was involved with our veterans' group. This humble VETERAN deserves the best from us. I have reached out to several organizations for their support and am attaching his humble appeal for assistance.

Please offer Anthony your prayers for a safe home for him, his daughters, and his mother. If you have the resources to assist him, please support him.

Watch his video and be led by your heart. This man is legitimate.

Here is the link for his

Sometimes we have things going on in our backyard and we don't even know it.

Watch for the blind spots.

If you know someone that could help or support, share this post. I appreciate you getting the message out.

If you want to find out more about discovering your blind spots get your book below.

Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about myself

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