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You are in a classroom where students are working on a group project.

The deadline is approaching, but they are far from finishing and the teacher is inquiring about their status.

Immediately the students start to explain themselves, everyone starts to point fingers and the discussion goes round in circles as they try to avoid the blame and pin it on someone else.

“Not MY fault” Ouch! [Blind Spot]

Blame avoids culpability.

Blame means I do not need to change because if you would just do things correctly, there would be no problem. (By the way, I determine what is correct) [Blind Spot]

When something goes wrong, it can be tempting to self-protect and blame somebody else.

The situation suffers if everyone is more concerned with assigning blame than finding a solution.

Laying blame leads to toxic relationships as people turn against each other and attack one another.

Benjamin Franklin stated, “Blame-all and Praise-all are two blockheads." [Blind Spot]

Blame is fascinating, you can see how it shapes our lives as an amicable way of positioning ourselves, a gentle spar or wisecrack.

Blame is a shame monster.

It will break apart marriages and wreck relationships.

Continuous blame is a form of bullying and bullying produces shame which is a confidence thief.

Blame immobilizes social programs; desecrates corporations; can unseat and overthrow governments; start conflicts and justify murderous acts on humanity.

It offers no solutions. It’s a trap. A blind alley.

Though blaming is common and natural, we must learn not to trade in it.

There is no finer source of joy than being present, taking responsibility for things that are not working well, and finding opportunities and solutions with others.

Is blame a blind spot for you?

Perhaps it might be healthy to ask the ones closest to you.

Avoiding the trap of blaming, improves your emotional maturity, quality of life, and effectiveness.

Responsibility is the art of leaders!

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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