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Blind Spots go both ways

I have been in situations where someone is always grumpy.

I mean 'Oscar the Grouch' grumpy.

Being in these situations where people are always critical of others, I can find myself being grumpy or critical like it rubs off and it happens every time I am around them.

I found myself asking “How come they are always so grouchy or critical?”


As hard as it may be or sound, the common denominator in these scenarios is 'ME', the stories I tell myself, something I do not see—my blind spot.

I am ‘allowing’ them to be grumpy or critical, and that blind spot in me keeps enduring this behavior.

In this circumstance I need the courage to look at myself, to meet, see and transform my blind spots.

I started seeing I am letting them act this way, and had to start asking myself, “How come I am 'allowing' them to be grouchy?”

Seeking the truth about my blind spots now I can shine the light both ways. Because blind spots go both ways.

I underestimate how much influence for good I can shed by being better myself.

Start with you, and become more conscious of your strengths, areas of opportunity, and the boundaries that you are operating within.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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