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Differing perspectives

What do you see?

There are two distinct ladies depicted here.

The picture does not change. The illusion is of an old woman and the young woman.

This is an amazing example of not 'right or wrong' but having a different perspective.

Often, we desire to hang on to the truth we know, seeking to prove the other wrong, as opposed to graciously considering their differing perspective or point of view. [Blind Spot]

Looking at conflicts from multiple points of view and perspectives can be enlightening.

At times, our mind gets in the way when we are looking at or accepting new possibilities.

I can respect your point of view and keep mine also.

We are all unique individuals with distinctive backgrounds and life experiences.

Our perspectives need to be respected and valued not condemned or cheapened.

Learn to see things from a different perspective.

Never limit yourself to just one point of view.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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What I don't know I don't know about myself

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Unknown member
Aug 06, 2022

I can respect your point of view and keep mine also.

this is a powerful post... thanks for sharing your experience and helping bring light to the blind spots🙂

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