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Give It Away

Have you ever been trapped in a relationship where you're receiving what you don't want?

Perhaps it's negativity, mistrust, or even indifference. In such situations, it's worth pondering the concept that "we often receive what we're giving." This reflection can be a powerful catalyst for positive change in our relationships.

I often talk to couples who want something from each other, and unbeknownst to them, they are withholding the same thing.

If I want love, respect, or affirmation, I must give it away. The idea of giving what we want to receive isn't a new concept, but it is a powerful and transformative principle.

You have probably heard me talk about catching others doing things right and well as opposed to catching each other doing things bad and wrong.

Look at relationship as a two-way street. What I put into it is often what I'll get out of it. If we're constantly giving negativity, criticism, or mistrust, it's no surprise that others might mirror it back to us.

It’s not material things that I’m alluding to. It encompasses kindness, love, empathy, and understanding, the intangible elements that enrich my life.

One of the most beautiful aspects of giving what I want to receive is the positive ripple effect it creates. It can make a relationship where negativity and cynicism find little foothold because we've cultivated a culture of positivity through our actions.

Consider the power of a smile. When you offer a genuine smile, you often receive one in return. In that brief moment, you've given a dose of warmth and received it back, reinforcing the cycle of positivity. This simple act of giving what you want to receive can transform your day and the day of those around you.

There is no guarantee that I will get back what I give. But it does put me in a greater frame of mind that causes my day to be better.

Giving what I want to receive is a profound and transformative principle that enriches my life on many levels.

How about you? Are you giving or holding back what you want to receive?

Watch for the blind spots.

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