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Individuation is a process by which a person becomes an “individual.”

It is a separation of intellect, emotion, and independence of self from others.

It means being able to be guided and in charge of your own thoughts or emotions and not others’ expectations or emotions.

The greater the level of individuation, the more you can act from your own core under any circumstance.

Being fused is the opposite of individuation.

If you are “fused,” whatever is going on around you is impacting and influencing your thinking and your choices.

If you are individuated, you can think alone, making your mind up about what you need, value and desire.

It is essential for the individuation process to mature independent of the pressures and loyalties of the family social system.

Individuation is a process that brings “stability and balance” to every area of your life.

Think of a gyroscope. (Later replaced by a ring laser gyro.)

When not in motion there is nothing special about it.

However, when it is spinning, an energy is created that allows it to remain stable, moving in its own momentum, it is very hard to steer it off course.

Regardless of whatever it is attached to—robots, planes, boats, or any other navigation system, it remains steady.

If an airplane is on autopilot and it leans to the right the gyroscope reorients to level and balance the plane. This is only one of many functions it has for auto-correction.

The gyroscope “holds steady” in times of great chaos and unpredictability.

Individuation is your inner gyroscope; allowing you to maintain stability and balance, survive, and even prosper as your belief systems, fears, anxiety, finances, and relational situations fluctuate.

Through this process of individuation, we cultivate wholeness and become authentic emotionally mature human beings.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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