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Proud as a peacock

Proud as a peacock, I have heard it all my life.

Struttin' your stuff because you are all that, supersize fries and coke.

Often in my practice, I hear people who are operating out of pride and do not even know it.

I will usually ask them, “Do you think that could just be your pride that is making that a problem?”

And then lead them to look at the difference between pride and humility.

Usually, the result is reflecting, sitting back, and taking it in…then it is stated, "Well, pride is all about me and humility is humbling myself before God and others.”

Pride is so concerned with looking out at others' wrongs that it distracts from addressing your own.

Humility is looking out at others and looking for the best.

Pride is self-righteous, critical, and fault-finding.

Humility seeks to be compassionate and forgiving.

Pride looks down and outward.

Humility looks up and inward.

Pride thinks it knows who is really humble and who is really proud.

Humility realizes that God is the only one who knows their true motives.

Pride makes you feel like the whole world is against you and if “everyone” else would just grow up things would be better.

Pride hopes that when they really see it from your “right” way things can move forward.

I call this kind of right, “dead right.”

You think you are dead right but in reality, you are dead wrong.

That is exactly how pride is, after all, you are just letting people know what is the right way.


And please do not be mistaken, pride and humility do not depend on your bank balance or status. You can be prideful with not a penny in the bank and you can be humble but the richest person alive.

And humility does not mean you should be putting yourself down. The very nature of humility is to celebrate others and always look for ways to learn and grow, not sink in self-pity. [Blind Spot]

We need to learn how to swallow our pride regularly, it will not choke us!

The big playbook says it best in Proverbs 18:12, “Before his downfall a man's heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.”

Pride or humility is a CHOICE that we make. Let's choose wisely.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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