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Rear-view mirror as big as the windshield

Are you driving down life’s highway with a rear-view mirror as big as the windshield?

Sounds silly but we do not realize what a blind spot this is and how it puts us on a collision course in life.

The rear-view mirror in your car was created small compared to the windshield because we drive looking ahead, not behind.

We can spend so much time looking at what is behind us and find ourselves stuck, or worse, crash because we are not focused on where we are heading.

Sometimes we focus on our problems because it is easier to complain about our circumstances and make excuses for our unhappiness.

Believe me, limitations do not hold you back as much as the attention you give them. "Never let yesterday, use up too much of today.” —Will Rogers

Start paying more attention to what is ahead, it will increase your potential and allow you to experience the positive emotions of spontaneity, and happiness.

I know it can be valuable and meaningful to spend time briefly reviewing our setbacks to know what works and what does not.

But we are also the only ones that make the effort to emphasize the “positive” things to minimize the impact of the "negative" things.

Shrink your rear-view mirror to the right size!

Your problems will become immediately smaller, and you can focus on the beautiful panoramic view ahead.

In other words, look back to learn but focus forward to the opportunities in front of you.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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