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Silence is Golden

“Silence is one of the greatest arts of communication.” ~Marcus Tullis Cicero

Have you ever pondered the idea of silence being an art of communication? Our world is full of the chatter and clatter of words that go back and forth. It is so easy to think of healthy conversation as word swapping.

Have you ever found yourself formulating a reply while the other speaks to you? I know I have. It seems to be a culturally accepted way to engage in today's conversations. [Blind Spot]

Silence in a conversation opens the value of connection. Listening is an unfamiliar skill. Remaining silent can seem counterintuitive but it allows others to be able to complete their message to us. As we listen attentively, it opens space for others to delve deeper into their thoughts and emotions.

Silence opens a massive door for expressing emotions and fostering empathy, ultimately leading to stronger connections and relationships. At the appropriate time, silence can convey volumes to the other. An empathetic sigh is mighty and can mean more than any words you can say.

Suppose you are engaged in a heated exchange of words, and you add a brief pause. This pause has many benefits in this situation:

· It allows you to shift from your reptilian brain of fight or flight into a more intellectual self-controlled approach.

· It shifts the context of the verbal exchange's dynamics.

· It interrupts the anxious conversation. (Not much good is accomplished in tense conversations.)

Anxiously waiting to engage in an existing conversation can prevent a well-formulated response. Pausing gives us time to digest the other's message and choose our words wisely.

Interrupting or blurting out a response is a form of responding without thinking and can lead to misunderstanding and alienation.

Silence can be perceived as a form of attempted manipulation if it is intentionally conveyed in that manner. The improper use of a valuable tool is not acceptable in a healthy conversation.

How about you? Can you use this tool of silence to connect, understand, and appreciate the words spoken to you? Does the other in your conversation deserve the opportunity to complete their thoughts and expressions?

Silence is not the absence of communication but a powerful form of communication.

Watch for the blind spots.

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Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about myself

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04 set 2023

After 10 seconds of silence I need to be reminded about just how powerful silence can be. Happy Labor Day to the hardest working guy I know.

Mi piace
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