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Trust is the cement...

Riddle me this—what takes effort to build, is easy to ruin, and is essential to any emotionally healthy relationship?


Trust is the cement of relationships.

It is the foundational principle that holds it all together and is an indispensable component in effective communication.

To trust someone means you can depend on them, are comfortable confiding in them, and feel secure with them.

Without trust, it can be hard for relationships to grow and progress to a deeper level.

Trust is something that takes effort to establish and when trust is fractured or shatters into pieces, it is difficult to reset.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but belittling, criticizing, and yelling fracture trust—fast.

I see it often, a relationship without trust is insecure, chaotic, and becomes dysfunctional.

We are fallible and will make mistakes that can inevitably shatter the trust between us.

Trust is the cement and cement is solid and unwavering, but if neglected, and without due care and attention it can fracture, crack, and collapse under pressure.

You have seen holes, divots, or damaged joints repaired in highways, sidewalks, or patios only to see them fail again days or weeks later.

Failed repairs are not uncommon. Fractured trust is the same.

You cannot just throw cement down, and smooth it over—it must be cut back, poured again, and allowed time to reset.

How the fracture is repaired is key to reinforcing the relationship.

A sincere apology, (WHICH CHANGES BEHAVIOR), and forgiveness are a great start; learning not to blame, project, or minimize is an emotionally mature skill when it comes to fortifying resilient relationships.

It may take some time, but it is possible to reset the bond together and into the future.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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