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What others whisper…

I talked to someone who was describing their manager as harsh and negative. He was great at managing everything but his people. This manager was creating adverse conversations behind his back. Only through feedback can there be improvement. I'm reminded of the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. [Blind Spot]

As I journey down life's highway, I often wonder what others say behind my back. Have you ever asked yourself what may cause them to whisper to others rather than share it with you?

Some keep pertinent information private from us for reasons unknown to us. Do they fear conflict or reprisal? Whatever it is, if others whisper behind my back, I have room for improvement.

Feedback, whether given openly or whispered in hushed tones, serves as a mirroring effect of reflecting our actions, attitudes, and behaviors. While it can be uncomfortable, it holds the potential to transform us into better versions of ourselves.

Some of us fear confrontation, which may prevent us from sharing our thoughts directly. Discussing concerns or criticisms with others is easier than facing the potential conflict head-on or the fear of reprisal. Additionally, some might be concerned about hurting our feelings or causing unnecessary tension, making them opt for the secrecy of whispered conversations.

How much more effective could I be if I was more vulnerable with others and invited their whispered words? Feedback, even when not presented directly, can reveal aspects of ourselves that we may not be aware of. It can shed light on our blind spots, allowing us to address them and become more self-aware.

It's essential to remember that not all whispered words are negative. People may also share positive observations about us when we're not around. This feedback boosts our confidence and inspires us to continue our positive traits and behaviors.

What others say behind our backs can be valuable for personal growth. By understanding why people might not say things directly and approaching feedback with an open mind, we can transform whispers into opportunities for self-improvement and become more self-aware.

Do you dare want to know what others are whispering about you?

I do.

Watch for the blind spots.

I appreciate you reading, commenting, and sharing these posts.

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