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Be Your Hero

I don't know about you, but when I wake up without an agenda, it's effortless to doddle around, get my coffee, and plant myself in front of the TV. I melt into what someone else decides to fill my mind with. I see the ugly side of the world and call it news. I get drained because I'm helpless to stop the war, shootings, white-collar crimes, DUIs, political polarization, and the like. Hearing interviews where people are asked terrible questions like, "What is it like for your son to be shot?" What is it like to be buried alive in an earthquake, and did you expect to be rescued?

I like to guard the privacy of someone in anguish or suffering personal circumstances.

It is vital to know what is happening, I usually record the news and quickly review it for available updates and do not use my valuable time watching negative news and meaningless ads.

When listening to my writing and speaking mentors, they have a routine that fits them. Getting up at a specific time and implementing things such as prayer, meditation, reading, exercise, and so on allow for more productive use of time.

How much time do you have? Are you spending it wisely? What is your purpose? Time is precious. What will you trade your time for today? It is important to remember that we can’t get time back.

I want to feel the day's success when I lay my head on my pillow at night. I want to have made a difference and to feel accomplished. I certainly enjoy a change of routine for the weekend, a chance to rest, rejuvenate, and recharge for the upcoming week. For years, I have heard the old saying, "if you want to change something, measure it." I like a written plan to measure each day and record my accomplishments.

Consider money, screen time, family fun, worry time, and relationship time. Being intentional and strategic gives me confidence and puts me in a creative frame of mind.

To say these words is easy; to read and agree with them is easy; implementation that is challenging.

Is life in charge of you? Do others dictate your mood or thinking? Are you in control of your destination? Do you focus on what you cannot change?

Writing down my routine and monitoring it daily is the key to my success. I have heard over and over from every one of my mentors to write it down and start slow and easy. Create success along the way and create opportunities to win.

Jim Rohn says, "Small steps taken over time create tremendous success." Expecting rapid change is the killer of this concept.

Focus on SMALL and OVER-TIME as the key to your success.

Be your hero.

Watch for the blind spots!

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