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“Brutal Honesty” can be tricky

I have observed that honesty could stand to be more compassionate rather than brutal.

Too many times caustic questions or statements are allowed to steer the mood of a conversation.

Being honest has nothing to do with being angry, belittling, mean, or “letting off steam.” [Blind Spot]

Every time we communicate, we are not just sharing the information we intend, we are making an indirect statement about how we view the relationship.

This is why “brutal honesty” can be tricky.

‘Saying it like it is’ can result in damaged relationships and broken trust.

Resolution to conflict looks for agreement and a middle ground.

I like to employ a technique I call 'listening beneath the words.’

Listening beneath the words is about being more open, clear, sincere, and authentic.

Listening on this level assures the listener will hear the truth rather than a complaint.

So speak your truth, honesty is important, but always remind yourself that ‘how you say something’ is just as important as ‘what you say.’

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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