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My old friends Ralph and Robin are back in the limelight. Ralph has been accused of showing anger, which Robin points out in a manner that is obvious to him.


Here, Ralph agrees to concentrate on controlling his anger instead of resorting to his old patterns of denial and blame.


Ralph decided he needed to change, and it is not the first time he has committed to being different. Robin is aware of his previous failed attempts and is skeptical that Ralph can maintain the change. Ralph is committed, but after a week or two, Robin has not recognized his hard work, which frustrates him and makes him want to give up. Maintaining change becomes problematic when there is little or no recognition of transformation.


Ralph has made a commitment to change, which puts him ahead of Robin. Robin's inclination to believe that change will be implemented can easily lag far behind. She reports that she has heard the story before and expects to be disappointed.


The person working on change can easily err and fall back into old habits. In this situation, it is essential for Ralph not to relent and go back to his old ways. He will prosper when he quickly gets back on his change path.


For any change to be sustained, it must stem from a genuine aspiration within the individual making the change. Changing for another will be a negative setup for both.


When change is attained the relationship will flourish.


However, when change is attained but not enough for the other, the relationship will not make it. There is more involved than the identified anger issue.


Change, once unimaginable for me, has become indispensable for my personal growth.


How about you? How do you accept change?


Watch for the blind spots.


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