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Comparing Me to Me

I have often compared myself to others only to come up short. I remember, early in my life, comparing what I had and how I dressed to others around me. I noticed others were more intellectual and made school look easy. I remember who had more courage than I did. I remember who could outrun me and who could intimidate me. These may be terrible memories, but they are the memories that shaped my life.


As time passes, I find it difficult not to think in the same way. Yet I am recognizing God has created me uniquely. I am created differently. 


Measuring myself against others is cultural and inevitable unless I change my thinking. The true essence of growth and progress lies not in external benchmarks but in the internal journey of self-comparison.


Comparing myself to others often leads to a rollercoaster of emotions, such as envy or inadequacy. It's a game where the rules are set by someone else's life, where I'll always find someone smarter, more prosperous, or more successful. However, the pursuit of comparing myself to past versions of myself has a distinct advantage—a journey tailored to my personal growth.


When I compare myself to past versions of me, I am aligning my progress against the one benchmark that truly matters: my potential. This internal evaluation becomes a compass guiding me toward my goals, highlighting my strides, and revealing the areas that need nurturing.


Self-comparison is not about becoming flawless; it's about becoming better than I was yesterday. Each step forward, however small, becomes a victory in my personal story. When I celebrate these incremental wins, I cultivate a mindset centered on self-improvement rather than validation from external sources. Instead of berating myself for not being at someone else's level, I acknowledge my unique journey and embrace it with kindness and understanding.


Comparing myself to past versions of me challenges me to become better every day. This comparison is liberating and enables me to define success by pursuing growth and personal fulfillment.


How about you? To whom do you compare yourself?


Watch for the blind spots.

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