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Compliments are Timeless.

Here are a few examples.

"I'll never forget how stunning you looked on our wedding day. You took my breath away."

"I was telling our president about your presentation at the last team meeting, which was outstanding. You nailed the key points."

"When I heard your name, I thought of your dedication to the Smith project this past summer and how you impressed us all. Your hard work was a significant factor in our success."

"That romantic dinner you cooked for our anniversary last year was delicious. It was such a special night."

"Your positive attitude always brightens the office. You're such a pleasure to work with, and it makes the days better."

"I was telling your mom about your incredible sense of humor. You always know how to make me laugh, even on my worst days."

"It has been six months now. Thank you, Dad, for being there during my legal battle. You are always there when I need you most. Your support during that challenging time meant the world to me."

"Growing up with you, I've always admired your kindness and how you care for others. You're an amazing sister and friend."

"I was talking to Randy yesterday, and he said you always know how to make our home warm and inviting. I love your decorating skills."

"We talked about you at the reunion, how your smile lights up our home, and how your laughter brings so much joy into our lives."

"The kids and I talked last night about what an incredible listener you are. We appreciate how you're always there to support us."

Compliments are treasures that never lose their value with time. They are timeless in their ability to uplift spirits, foster lasting connections, and leave a warm imprint on someone's heart. A sincere compliment transcends generations, brightening someone's day, whether spoken today or decades from now. Compliments are a testament to our need for affirmation and recognition. They remind us that kindness knows no era and that the joy of making someone smile is a gift that stands the test of time.

How are you doing with your compliments? Can you resurrect some and make someone's day?

Watch for the blind spots.

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