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Curious George

In my life, there are two curious Georges. One George is a good little monkey who was always very curious! There are many books about his adventures and a series of animated cartoons. For over 80 years, the adventures of George and his friend, The Man with the Yellow Hat, have been known for how curiosity is a building block of learning, as it introduces simple science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to the youngest viewers.


The second George is my friend and mentor who has gone to be with our Lord. George Pulliam carried the title of Curious George. He pioneered the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) approach to mental wellness. He spent almost 60 years teaching and learning MFT.


He was constantly looking for things that others couldn't see. He was a master in challenging his students, whether they were Psychiatrists, Psychologists, or counselors. He kept me on my toes as an intern, and we became very close friends after I graduated. He had a powerful reputation in the community of MFTs and was highly respected and sought after for case consultation. He and I attended many conferences together, and when I was seen alone, I thought my name was, "Where's George?"


I remember the first cases I presented to him. I had studied the circumstances of the case and looked at it through several marriage and family theories to be sure I included everything that could make a difference. The first time I heard him say, "What are you going to do that for," I was crushed. He once told me, "Don't quit your day job." I never knew if he meant it, but I would not disappoint him.


Thanks to George, I see curiosity as the foundation of learning and discovery. It drives me to question the status quo and delve deeper into the unknown. When I am curious, I see each moment and every encounter as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and broaden my perspectives.


How about you? Do you spring from the platform of knowing, or can you expand your knowledge by becoming a Curious George?


Watch for the blind spots.

I appreciate your feedback—like, share or comment.


Mentors. George Pulliam pioneered Marriage and Family Therapy. He was my mentor and friend.

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