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Too often, I find myself in an awkward situation where I need to make quick decisions. After I began my career as a therapist, I had an office in Lake Jackson, TX. 


One morning, I was talking to a couple. They were talking about their circumstances, which was very difficult for them. I found myself jumping past the story's teller and began to offer opportunities for resolution. After demonstrating my expertise, I heard the end of their story, which changed my perspective on the problem and solution. [Blind spot]


Had I fully listened to their story, they would have felt, heard, and appreciated rather than interrupted and devalued; I would have talked about something entirely different. How embarrassing. Any time I make a mistake like that, I want to take it back.


How would I do it if I could go back and do this differently? 


This question creates a learning opportunity for me. When I experience this kind of situation or see another make this blunder, I ask, "If I could go back and do this again, "do-over," how would I do it differently? It will not help me in the current situation, but I can process it as a learning opportunity because situations and events reappear. 


I get out my 3 X 5 note cards to overcome these embarrassing situations or conversations. At the top of each card, I write what someone might say or do and how I would respond underneath. I get another card and do the same. I write as many cards as I can on the subject. This prevents me from ambush or surprise comments and allows me to prepare for the future and make informed choices next time.


It reinforces my ability to learn from mistakes and adapt, increasing my self-assurance for future endeavors. Each do-over is a chance to refine my skills, develop as a person, and enhance my readiness for whatever comes next.


How about you? Can you learn from your mistakes by processing a "do-over”?


Watch for the blind spots.


 I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Please like and share. Thanks.

Each do-over is a chance to refine my skills, develop as a person, and enhance my readiness for whatever comes next.

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May 08

Never thought of that. I always knew journaling took the angst out of a situation, and if re-written would be different. This is a super plus and I can do it in the journaling format that is familiar to me. Thanks!


May 08

That is a very disciplined approach to learning from one’s mistakes. Kudos, my friend!

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