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I hear this comment too often, “I’m walking on eggshells.”

This term indicates there is a delicate, tense, or volatile relationship. It implies a disconnect in communication and is a setup for degradation. The person who is easily irritated, highly sensitive, or prone to overreacting is preparing others for the experience of “walking on eggshells” and is usually unconscious of it. [Blind Spot]

The person who is negatively influenced aggravates the issue by tolerating it. These relationships will self-destruct, and neither party will recognize their role in their demise.

When walking on eggshells is evident in relationships, I suggest the behavior cease immediately. The person walking on eggshells must have a voice to call the other person out and break the barrier. I know this is easier said than done, yet the results are more catastrophic by living with the negative experience. If you can’t challenge this situation, I suggest you seek assistance.

Walking on eggshells can indicate an unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship or environment. On the other hand, relationships without the eggshell barrier yield healthy, open communication, empathy, and understanding, reducing the need for such caution and fostering an environment where people can express themselves freely without fear.

Have you ever felt the need to walk on eggshells?

Watch for the blind spots.

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Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about myself

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