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Giving too much

From doing, doing, doing, being the go-to person, never charging what you are worth, or the free shoulder for everyone to cry on, “giving too much” can lead to unhealthy parasitic relationships.

Generally, givers are people who enjoy being asked if they can help and get satisfaction by giving.

The most confounding characteristic of a giver is their inability to recognize “takers”; the people, situations, social structures, and institutions that pursue and attach to them. [Blind Spot]

There are lots of takers out there, and if you are a giver, that attachment can suck the life out of you and leave you crippled before you even know what is happening.

Eventually, you (as the Host) start feeling, exhausted, wearied, anxious, and dread spending time with the "object of your infection."

Giver, when you find yourself attracting parasites, you need to look at yourself and see why you keep becoming infected.

It is true, givers need to set great boundaries because takers rarely do.

I have observed that “true wholehearted givers” set healthy boundaries that allow them to share their gifts from a place of knowing what is okay for them and what is not.

In nature, this is defined as a “symbiotic” relationship, it is mutually beneficial.

Giver, you will know you are in a symbiotic relationship when being with another person makes you want to be your best self.

You may find yourself motivated to be kinder, more patient, or think the best of others. You will feel inspired to serve without compulsion or guilt.

Giving in this way provides a resilient, strong, symbiotic relationship that will build a better you.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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