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God Made Us Differently

I often look at what and how others do and say things that I wouldn't. At times, I get confused and wonder why they do or say these things; after all, doing things my way is the most practical, productive, and efficient.

Why are they starting from this spot? What does he expect to gain by doing it that way? Why did they use those colors? How will they get to the end going that way?

These questions and worries get me in trouble at times. It is so easy for me to see and say things according to my thinking. I need to remember there are many ways to do something. It is easy to think that everyone sees things the way I see them.

Oh, how I forget how God has created us vastly different. And for a reason. [Blind Spot]

Ouch! We all have a perspective that meets our standards, yet it is not the perspective held by others. If everyone thought the same, we would miss out on the beauty of the human experience. Moreover, diversity of thought is the bedrock of innovation.

Embracing diverse perspectives enriches my life and helps me evolve as an individual. After all, when individuals from varied backgrounds and different perspectives collaborate, they bring unique ideas to the table. These diverse viewpoints often lead to groundbreaking solutions and advancements in various fields.

I've learned to practice empathy and active listening instead of suffering when others don't think like me. Engaging in respectful conversations with people who hold different beliefs has helped me grow intellectually and emotionally.

This story has another aspect to it. People who are pushy and forceful can be too much for me at times, so there is a limit. I have some people in my life who have different perspectives and behaviors that I find challenging to relate to and learn from. I find myself pulling away from them. It is about incompatibility, and if I allow them to impose their thoughts and behaviors, I will feel bullied. I will not be bullied.

How about you? Is it easy to allow others to have their opinion? Is it easy to set limits for those who violate your values?

Watch for the blind spots.

I appreciate you reading, commenting, and sharing these posts.

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