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got blinders?

I got to thinking about horses wearing blinders.

Blinders keep horses narrowly focused on the task or road ahead. It reduces their field of vision so they do not get easily distracted or spooked.

Blinders can prove enormously useful…or become problematic, which is precisely why they were made for horses and not humans.

But you've heard of someone described as "having blinders on?”

When we wear blinders we cannot see what’s going on around us or behind us, it limits the view to strictly what is in front of us (the obvious, the surface) and no more.

It is extremely important that we have access to our 'peripheral vision' because it allows us to get a more total and complete view of our surroundings.

Ever drive down the highway you have driven down a thousand times and see something you have never seen before?

You are convinced it just ‘popped up’ out of nowhere. Then you learn it is a business that has been there for 'years' and you scratch your head at your lack of awareness.

We get blinded by our own blinders and don’t even know we are wearing them. [Blind Spot]

We get too focused on the task at hand, our habits, or short-term goals and do not see the big picture.

“It isn't that they can't see the solution. It's that they can't see the problem. They can't see the problem if they have 'blinders' on—for 'none are so blind as those that will not see’.” —G.K. Chesterton

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at the office, or on summer vacation, wherever you find yourself. There are so many wonderful things, and so many opportunities to explore and discover, if you break from the routine, take the blinders off and look around.

What kind of blinders have you been wearing?

Better yet, what happens when you take them off?

Let's not go through life with blinders on, let's start seeing the world around us with all of its limitless opportunities.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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