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Have a Great Day!

It is easy to use this line loosely. I say it, and I hear it so often. When I say it today, I add, "You are in charge, or okay I'm in charge."


Starting my day or the rest of my day to make it great is an excellent approach, and I employ several strategies to ensure my day is as positive and fulfilling as possible.


Barring any tragedy, I recognize that I get a choice to have a great day. Here are a few strategies I employ for having a good day or the rest of my day:

·       I will be in charge of my mood.

·       I will be clear and consistent, so I will not attempt to convince anyone today.

·       I will make today better than yesterday.

·       I will practice self-control.

·       I will employ kindness towards myself and others.

·       I will identify things I am thankful for.

·       I will learn something new today.

·       I will be productive.

·       I will nurture my relationships.

·       I will be in charge of my time.

·       I will attain small, believable goals.

·       I will use this thought when driving, we are all traveling somewhere; let me help you get where you are going.

So, let’s put this in a mantra so we can say it over our day.


“I choose to embrace each day with the intent of making it great. I acknowledge my ability to shape a great day, unless any unfortunate events occur. I am in charge of my mood and actions, focusing on clear, consistent behavior without convincing others. By setting achievable goals and practicing self-control, I strive to make today better than yesterday. I commit to acts of kindness towards myself and others, nurturing relationships, and being productive. Learning something new and being thankful are vital parts of my day. Being strategic and intentional, I can take charge of myself at any time.”


How about you? Are you in charge of having a great day?


Watch for the blind spots.



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