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“I heard her smile”

I just happened to hear a conversation that was taking place and this sentence captured my attention, “I heard her smile”, they said.

"I heard her smile."

I wrote it down so I would not forget it, it made me smile and they did not even know.

The power of their words was not only on the giving end but also on the receiving end.

They had given words or a word that caused a reaction in her and they received back “without seeing” because of the closeness of the relationship.

They “heard” her smile.

Words are a big deal, how that sentence affected me shows their power.

I counsel and mentor people every day and one thing I notice time after time is how much power our words hold.

We use a lot of words every single day, and like stones thrown into a lake, we do not always know how far our words may ripple out.

All their effects cannot be foreseen, and way too often, we do not even think about what we are saying.

Words affect your emotions and the emotions of others; they empower or disempower.

It is all too easy just to blurt out your emotions and thoughts; it takes control, fortitude, and integrity to express your words in an emotionally mature way no matter what the situation.

“There are two ways to speak the truth: as bullets or as seeds...” —Gary Chapman

Stop and take a breath before you speak.

“I heard her smile.”

What would it be like to say that about an experience in your relationship?

What powerful “seeds” were spoken to emit the smile that was heard?

Paying attention and being able to understand emotions from “hearing”, is vitally important, especially since a lot of your conversations take place without any direct contact.

Think about how you communicate.

Be attentive to the words you speak, so you too “hear” the smile.

Your words are not just for now, your words go beyond you.

Someone is always listening.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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