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I was listening to a friend talking about legacy and what he wanted to leave behind when he is gone. He was wanting to make a difference in the world around him.

I have thought the same thing. Just look at the people who have left amazing legacies such as business moguls, artist, musicians, politicians, educators, ordinary people, the list is endless.

Who would not want to be on the list of major legacy makers. Of course, there are some who might say they don’t care what legacy they leave behind, and it will probably be evident in the end.

Looking at these giant legacy makers, I doubt it will ever be me and I’m okay with that.

Then my friend said, We are creating our legacy every day in all the things we say and do whether large or small, whether with many or just a few.” This makes sense to me.

I often ask the question, “What do you want your family, friends, and neighbors to say about you?”

Looking at this question from a work or business perspective is also very important.

In Tim Sanders book “The Likeability Factor”, he talks about our likability. His message is how people who show up as likable seem to get the best opportunities.

I say, when we suffer from our blind spots, we are the opposite of his message. Unlikeable people don't often succeed.

Sometimes, we show up unlikable and aren’t unaware of it. [Blind Spot]

Has anyone ever been passed up for raises or promotions even if they were qualified but unlikable?

Has anyone ever lost a job because they couldn’t hear the kind of feedback that would make them better?

Does this really happen?

How do we show up?

This question may be answered differently from our point of view and the point of view of others.

This is the purpose of my book, "Blind Spots in Relationships."

When I only look at my relationships from my point of view I am blinded by my own opinion and desires.

When I dare to seek feedback, I can grow and prosper infinitely. I am always seeking the opportunity to build a better me. Build a better me means to look at my gifts and talents and expand them in every way possible.

What am I good at and could use more mastery in attaining it?

What am I not so good at and could use enhancements to build a better me?

I want to be in search of finding all the gifts God has given me, especially the ones he gave me to give away to others.

I believe we owe it to each other, as we journey down life’s highway, to assist in improving our greatness.

We can only do this by our openness to hear and give feedback that makes a positive difference. Being closed gives the impression to others that we are perfectly fine with who we are and how we present ourselves, and it can be used to push them out of our lives. The way we present may be the limiting factor in our lives.

Build a better me has been my script for many years.

I say, “We write the script others use to talk about us. Others talk about the experience they have of us.”

What script are you writing today that will be spoken as your legacy?

It is so important to remember that we are scripting our legacy in every choice, behavior, conversation, and in every day.

What do you want others to say about the real, authentic, day by day you?

Watch for the blind spots.

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Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about myself

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You, Jerry Clark, leave an indelible mark on people you encounter! That’s a gift!

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