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Let me tell you what I need from you...

“Let me tell you what I need from you before I tell you what I’m gonna to tell you.” —Jerry D Clark

When you begin to talk and do not declare what you need from the listener, it can create chaos and disconnection.

If your desire is to vent and get things off your mind, but the listener thinks you need to be fixed or receive suggestions to take care of your situation, anxiety will arise.

Telling what you need will give both directions for a healthy conversation.

It allows for intent to be declared and understanding to exist before the dialogue begins.

If the listener asks, “What do you need from me?” before the conversation goes too far, it can result in understanding and connection rather than deterioration.

Ask yourself before speaking, “How come I’m about to make this statement or ask this question?”

This is a great way of looking at communication from the following standpoint:

“What is my motive?”

“What is my mission?”

“How come I am about to ask or present this?”

You can now guide the outcome that you are looking for.

The key is a desire to connect, showing vulnerability by divulging what is going on inside.

At the end of the day, all you can do is change your reaction, response, and behavior.

Tell’em what you need.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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