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Life's Highways

My life is a journey along a highway, with smooth stretches and unexpected potholes dotting the path. While it's natural to yearn for the ease of cruising along smooth roads, the potholes remind me of the reality of the journey.

Smooth highways represent moments of comfort, stability, and ease. They symbolize periods in my life when everything seems to fall into place, when challenges are minimal, and when I feel a sense of flow and contentment. During these times, I may take these blessings for granted, basking in the comfort of familiarity and predictability.

However, loss, pain, disappointments, and circumstances out of my control remind me that the journey is not always smooth. These are the unexpected obstacles, setbacks, and challenges that inevitably arise. These potholes can shake me to the core, leaving me disoriented and vulnerable. Yet, amidst the discomfort and adversity lies strength and comfort in the arms of Jesus.

Potholes force me to slow down, confront my weaknesses, reassess my priorities, and tap into my reservoir of faith.

They remind me that I am not in control. Just as darkness accentuates the brilliance of light, the potholes amplify my gratitude for the gifts of peace and joy in my life. It is through encountering potholes that I have learned to appreciate the smooth ride. The contrast between the rough patches and the smooth stretches highlights the beauty of both experiences. Each pothole becomes a lesson in resilience, humility, and gratitude. They teach me to cherish the moments of calm amidst life's storms, find strength in Jesus, and embrace the journey's unpredictability.

As I navigate life's highways, encountering potholes along the way; let me greet them with openness and gratitude, knowing that I am not in charge. Through embracing Jesus, I can discern my response to these interruptions. 

How about you? Do you hold on to your faith while experiencing the potholes of life? 

Watch for the blind spots.

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Driving Life's Highways. Potholes force me to slow down, confront my weaknesses and tap into my reservoir of faith.

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