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Locus of Control

I was late for work because the traffic was sooooo bad…

I did not get the promotion because the boss does not support me...

We lost the game because the ump made awful calls…

I cannot go to the movies because it is too expensive…


I was late for work because I did not allow for traffic…

I did not get the promotion because I did not demonstrate what I was truly capable of…

We lost the game because we did not play well….

I cannot go to the movies because I did not budget enough to allow for extras…

As seen in each scenario our lives are full of actions and outcomes.

Each of us will ascribe to a certain locus of control** over these actions and outcomes.

This principle states that you will place the “locus of control” either “externally or internally.”

If you place the locus of control “externally,” you are likely to make excuses, complain and blame failures as a result of external factors beyond your control; luck, fate, circumstance, injustice, bias, or prejudice.

Like the statements above it was someone or something else's fault like traffic, your boss, the ump, or expenses.

If you place the locus of control “internally,” you are likely to believe your own actions determine the outcome and you take responsibility to improve or adjust.

Like the statements above, “you” did not allow proper time, did not show who you were and did not play as well or budget wisely.

"Locus of control" is how your behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes affect the outcomes of your life. Your motivation, productivity, and reaction to obstacles go hand-in-hand with your thought processes.

Rather than viewing yourself as simply a passive bystander who is just caught up in the flow of life, [Blind Spot] think about the right balance and follow up with actions you can take that will have a better impact on the outcome.

It is an important building block of self-evaluation, self-perception, and emotional maturity.

Striking a balance of extremes is essential to promote your attitude and beliefs accordingly and encourage both internal and external "locus of control" as the demands arise in each situation.

Understanding and recognizing the “locus of control” will have a significant impact on your life.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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