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Memorial Day

Parades, picnics, store sales, musical performances, speeches, and a holiday from work are ways we celebrate Memorial Day. Our church honors Memorial Day by placing crosses and flags in front of the church to honor those who fell while serving our country.

It is a day of celebration for some and remembrance for others. It began after the civil war and was called Remembrance Day to honor those fallen in that terrible war. In 1971, it was changed to Memorial Day.

Taps played by Americo Zapata a Junior at Arizona State University

I like to look deeper into this day. The ones who lost their lives, who gave it all, are to be held in the highest honor. With every death, there is collateral damage, it is the collateral damage of pain and grief. Each death represents a grieving mother, father, spouse, children, and relatives. I call this the center circle. The next circle the middle circle, is relatives and close friends. Then, the outer circle of grieving persons involves coworkers, other distant relatives, and neighbors.

All are grief-stricken during the first period. The ones in the outer circle begin to move on with their daily lives, and their grief begins to fade. The ones in the middle circle have a more difficult time letting go, and the suffering remains longer. The ones in the center circle have a much tougher time letting go and understandably so, their grief is like a lead blanket. Within this circle, I see the last to let go are their mom and dad and spouses. The last from that group I see is usually the mom. She seems to hold on to anything she can to remind her of her loss—a shirt or a jacket hanging in the closet and all the pictures, which are never enough. When the mom speaks of her loss, her voice reverberates with pain and reverence of her hollow soul.

Freedom isn't free. [Blind Spot]

This holiday does not include those wounded and who carry the pain and reminder of their sacrifice. Some have family caregivers who also continue to suffer.

The U.S. flag is traditionally raised to the staff's peak and solemnly lowered to half-staff until noon on Memorial Day. Afterward, it is raised to full staff as a symbol of the living's determination to avoid the sacrifices being in vain.

Freedom isn't free. [Blind Spot]

I hope you remember as you enjoy our country's freedom, that there are some have paid the ultimate price, and some continue to pay the price for freedom. And as you celebrate, stop and remember who has and continues to sacrifice for our beautiful country.

I hope you enjoy the sales, have great picnics and outings, and have time off for relaxation, fun and joy.

Watch for the blind spots.

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