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George was my mentor from 1996 until he passed away in December 2020. He was one of the most amazing men I have ever known. He was a Korean War veteran and was associated with Marriage and Family Therapy for over 55 years. George was a fantastic family man. His teaching and coaching about life and therapy were priceless.

He was fair, honest, direct, knowledgeable, challenging, and kind. My life was rich because I had George as my friend and mentor. I could always depend on him for course correction or encouragement.

Mentors are like guiding stars, offering direction, support, and wisdom to help us reach our destinations.

A primary advantage of having a mentor is the wealth of experience and knowledge they bring to the table. They have been through ups and downs and overcome hurdles. Their insights are invaluable; they can steer us from common pitfalls and provide shortcuts to success. Based on their life experiences, a mentor's perspective can offer a fresh lens through which to view our challenges.

Mentors are not just a source of practical advice; they also offer emotional support. Life can be challenging, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Having a mentor means having a trusted confidant who can provide encouragement and guidance during challenging moments. They motivate us to keep going when the going gets tough.

They often have established connections and can introduce us to people in our field of interest or guide us in the right direction for further education and training. These connections can open doors that would have otherwise remained closed.

Mentors can also nurture personal and professional growth and development. A mentor’s guidance is invaluable as it fosters self-reflection and aids in exploration of our strengths and weaknesses. They can challenge us to step out of our comfort zone, set higher goals, and continually strive for improvement.

George is irreplaceable, but I have found a much younger mentor to whom I am aligning my star. He is a little more than half my age and rich in living life to the fullest. Mentors don't have to be older but rather wiser in areas where I am deficient.

How about you? Do you have a designated mentor? Would your life be better if you did?

Watch for the blind spots.

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