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My Hero

On June 26th, I posted an article about my veteran friend Anthony. He is an amazing man who spent three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine who gave up everything that may have resembled a normal life for those ten years of active duty. He came back home, but not to the home that most of us have tried to build; it has been filled with challenge after challenge. Suffering from PTSD and its effects on his psyche cost him a normal return to society. Anthony struggled to hold his family together.

Always serving and giving back, he took in a long-time homeless friend who was going blind from cataracts while negotiating his way through the well-meaning but sometimes less-than-efficient Veterans Administration. In the meantime, Anthony's home that housed his family became dilapidated and unlivable.

That's where good news finally intervened and stopped the downward spiral of depression that weighed on his shoulders.

Hearing something that raises our spirits and re-establishes our faith in human kindness is refreshing.

Through the Veterans Housing Rehabilitation and Modification Program, SBP addresses this problem by modifying or rehabilitating eligible veterans' primary residences at no cost.

Anthony was informed of SBP and was approved for a $40,000 grant housing-based program to restore his residence to livable condition. He also received a promise from the Bay Harbor Methodist Church in League City to provide additional assistance to help cover other needs. In addition, many of you donated funds to help him rebuild. These funds allowed him to reestablish electricity in his home.

I often wonder how many dedicated veterans are going through something similar to my friend. Thanks to so many wonderful people who have stepped up and supported Anthony. This combat veteran has served to protect us at home and abroad, and now his family can live in appropriate housing, lessening the strain upon his broad shoulders.

Thanks, are never enough for all of you who support one of the most generous men I know. I love you, Anthony, you are my hero, and I am so proud to see you receive some of what you have given.

Sometimes, we have things going on in our backyard, and we don't even know it.

Watch for the blind spots.

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