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My Wit's End

I may not be as young or agile as some of you. I have worked with computers for 30 years but consider myself a sixth or seventh grader in IT. I occasionally purchase new software to make my work more accessible, but I only find myself behind the eight ball again. I like to have things working well and not be waiting on anyone for answers. Occasionally, I hit my wits end. Yep, this is where I am no longer in charge, and sometimes, I need to figure out where to go for answers. I come from the world of picking up the phone, dialing a number, and talking through issues until they are resolved. That is not my world today. Looking for answers online is sometimes fun and productive when I find what I am looking for. I find that familiar "at my wits end" experience if I can't.


For the past two weeks, I have been searching for assistance with my new software. On the chat lines, I have been getting tiny bits of information but mostly referrals to another person or department who fails to respond. Guess what? I have it all figured out today. What a refreshing feeling.


When I hit my wit's end, it feels as if my mental and emotional resources are depleted. A new beginning is not just a fresh start but a deeper journey into self-awareness and self-expression. It's about exploring uncharted territories and cultivating a mindset that sees opportunities in obstacles. I must remember every time I hit my wit's end, I am presented with a blank canvas, inviting me to paint a new picture of growth, resilience, and the endless possibilities that life offers. It is a great experience to get answers.


I must remind myself when answers are not readily available, and I'm at my wits' end, that it's not the end, but a pivotal point that reveals new beginnings.


How about you? Do you need to be reminded of your opportunities for new beginnings?


Watch for the blind spots.



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When I hit my wit's end, it feels as if my mental and emotional resources are depleted.

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With me when I hit my “wits end” I often fall back into a state of avoidance and procrastination, which only multiplies my sense of helplessness. Not a good place! Changing one’s mindset seems a healthier response. Thanks!

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