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Navigate the Blind Spots this Holiday

Oh, the holiday season is here! It is synonymous with family, joy, and festivities, yet the tasks of maintaining a clean home, preparing meals, and wrapping presents can lead to overwhelm and feelings of stress. [Blind Spots] can overshadow the peace, joy and happiness meant for this time.


It's likely that you've already heard the advice "Don't stress" countless times, and it's easier said than done, right?!


I want to emphasize that this is a wake-up call for me. I also wanted to share some tips to help us navigate this holiday season together. It's important to acknowledge that moments of stress and negativity are bound to happen.


Let’s make this a stress less holiday, watch for the blind spots.



Yo! Download the Navigate the Blind Spots this Holiday Season printable page and begin your stress less journey.




Christmas is upon us! Get your copy of Blind Spots in Relationships and get a conversation started this holiday season: 




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