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Networking Done Differently

I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker on “Networking Done Different” with Sara Blumenfeld.

It was a pleasure to share on “Blind Spots in Relationships” and we touched on many of the principles and concepts to identify and expose blind spots.

You can watch the episode by clicking below or here:


"Networking Done Different” offers techniques, processes, and interviews to expand your business and your life. Sara Blumenfeld has been a personal development coach and teacher since 2005. Her philosophy is that everyone has greatness in them, and clearing away the patterns and clutter picked up along life’s path can allow that greatness to shine. She also helps businesses examine and shift perceptions and ways of approaching challenges in order to thrive.


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Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about myself

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Ava Sloan
Ava Sloan
May 01, 2023

Thanks for sharing Jerry!

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