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Patience is a Virtue.

My brother Gary and I were the only Baptist in this parochial school. Mom transferred us there because of the bullying at the public school.


Sister Honoria was one of my teachers at Sacred Heart in San Angelo. At first, I thought being Baptist caused her to focus a lot of attention on me. I see now it was employing my naive, foolish eighth-grade wisdom that attracted her attention. Perhaps it was my hyperactive impulsiveness and lack of self-control and not my religion that caused her to single me out. She often said, "Patience is a virtue, seldom in a woman and never in a man." At that time in my life, it meant nothing to me. I was looking for the next thing to say or do. This made her so upset at times that it made her eye twitch. (I never mentioned that to her.) 


Sometimes, I get the lesson much later than most. Today, I see the value of patience as priceless.


Patience is a powerful catalyst for strengthening relationships and nurturing self-confidence. It is about giving others the time and space to express themselves fully. In relationships, patience allows me to listen attentively without interrupting or rushing to judgment. Patience enables me to navigate conflicts and challenges with grace and empathy. Instead of reacting impulsively or becoming defensive, the patient me can approach challenging situations with calmness and compassion. This ability to remain composed and empathetic, even in the face of adversity, fosters resilience in relationships, allowing partners to work through disagreements and emerge more aligned.


Patience cultivates resilience by teaching me to manage setbacks and failures with optimism and perseverance.


It fosters self-awareness and emotional intelligence, critical components of self-confidence. This increased self-awareness allows me to develop a more authentic sense of self grounded in my values and strengths.


Patience is a virtue.


Patience teaches me to trust the process, embrace setbacks as opportunities for growth, and develop greater emotional maturity.


How about you? Is patience one of your strong virtues?


Watch for the blind spots.


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