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Playing in Dive Bars

So, the year was 2022, and it was January. My book, Blind Spots in Relationships, What I Don't Know I Don't Know About, Myself, was released. This is a self-published book through Amazon and sales immediately began to rise. I was excited and enthusiastic about getting the word out in order to alleviate the emotional pain, financial burden, and fear that children experience when their family unit is destroyed. I have also seen too many careers jeopardized as a result of poor relationships.

More important than selling books, I wanted the message to get out so that individuals might recognize and develop new relationship opportunities—couples, parent-child, business relationships, extended families, and so on.

I set out to speak to civic clubs, podcasts, churches, schools, and other places to spread the word.

WHAT! Just because you publish a book doesn't mean the world is out there to buy it. This being my first adventure of writing my book, was like setting out on a journey, not knowing where I was going or how I was going to get there. I have had to laugh many times and the things that I have been able to learn over the past 1 1/2 years.

Trilogy Christian Publishing released my book early in 2023. Being an International Christian publishing company, this was the booster rocket that would propel this movement over the top. [Blind Spot]

WHAT! Again, even though a publishing company is marketing this book, sales still didn't go over the top.

I was talking to a friend who has recently retired from an aerospace company and is forming a new business independently. He said it had taken years for his new business to take off, but now it seems to be flourishing. His statement was, "You have to play in a lot of dive bars before hitting the big time." (He is also a musician) This truly resonated with me. Not that we are playing in any dive bars, but the concept was powerful.

Kel Majors is doing the graphics and marketing for my book. Her work has been tireless and highly effective as she illustrates these posts and provides research and organization for our future.

We have launched this book and these posts on a wing and many prayers with the idea that God will accomplish His purpose as He has told me to get this message to the masses. Our job is to be faithful and continue the process as we are guided.

How about you? Have you ventured into the unknown, on a wing, and prayed with the idea that God’s got this?

It is indeed an adventure. Live boldly! We only get one time around in this life.

What is God inspiring you to do?

Are you allowing your limiting beliefs to thwart your progress? [Blind Spot]

Are you playing in enough dive bars?

Watch for the blind spots.

Please comment, like, and share, I appreciate your input.

You can get a copy of my book below.

Blind Spots in Relationships

What I don't know I don't know about Myself

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Love this post- clever, funny, and so,so true! Keep the music coming.

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