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Practice what I preach.

Some time back, I was going to work. My route included a five-point intersection with a gas station sitting on one corner. I traveled this route for many years.

As I made my turn and was about to pass the gas station, this old man (get this, me calling someone an old man) was exiting. Obviously, he was just pulling out without regard to my right of way and proximity.

He had his blinker on and without stopping, proceeded into my lane. I thought he saw me after all he was entering into my lane of traffic. I had to hit the brakes hard to keep from hitting him and my anxiety hit the roof.

He just pulled out in front of me with no regard for the damage that could have occurred and amazingly, just strolled on down the street as if he had not just threatened to bang up my truck and test my nerves.

This caused my anxiety to go up even more and my intellect, well it went out the window.

Dang, sometimes it is difficult to practice what I preach.

I was incensed. How could he not have seen me? We were just a few feet apart. I followed him for a few seconds wanting to use sign language and my horn to help teach him how to drive.

As I passed him, underneath this old cowboy hat, I saw a jolly old man trying to get somewhere just as I was.

I suddenly began to laugh out loud. What occurred to me was how many times I had done the same thing as he had, and someone had given me the grace to go down the road without making a scene. Bless you, if that has been you.

During the rest of my short journey to the office, I began to think—we are all attempting to get somewhere.

Today I use that same attitude. Perhaps the other person is in more of a hurry, or they have had a terrible morning or day and are potentially suffering from a bad experience or bad news.

I have decided that from now on I will give the benefit of doubt to the other driver and see what I can do to get to my destination as safely as possible and assist others along the way.

Man, it has made my journeys much more pleasant. Yielding where I can and not thinking that just because I have the right of way, I need to insure I take advantage of it.

Being right is not always being graceful or peaceful.

I last saw the jolly old man in my mirror, jutting down the street, his blinker still flashing. (LOL)

I wonder—have I ever done that?

Watch for the blind spots.

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