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Record your conversations?!

Have you ever thought you communicated effectively, only to find out later there were issues with tone, content, or volume?

I know we have discussed this in a previous post, but it bears repeating. Recording conversations, especially when emotions run high, can offer valuable insights. This is why I encourage it.

What you say?! Recordings are not ethical and are illegal in some settings. Yes, but I set boundaries that only allow recordings when all parties are aware. It is sneaky, underhanded, malicious, and damaging to effective communications to record in secret. Therefore, recordings must be disclosed.

I often witness how what is said may be heard differently than intended, such as being listened to as harsh, attacking, or defensive.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not being said.” Peter Drucker

As the speaker, I do not hear my voice as others may hear it. I recommend using recordings so that each person may hear the voice they haven't heard before, which is their own. Listening to the recording can provide effective feedback that goes unnoticed.

As speakers, we frequently do not experience our own voices in the same way that others do. Recordings enable everyone to hear themselves objectively, providing comments that could otherwise be missed.

The recording is not meant to gather information on others; it's a tool for self-assessment. Once everyone has listened to their own voice, the recordings must be deleted.

When I talk about this, I hear, "Do you think I would say it or say it that way if I knew it was going to be recorded?" [Blind Spot!] This is a perfect realization of how obvious it is that recordings may show a side of us that we don't want to be revealed to ourselves or others.

When presented in this manner, this powerful tool makes sense. However, it can be difficult to implement. It's not enough just to acknowledge its effectiveness, success comes from actually making the recordings.

How about you? Would knowing you were recorded change how you communicate?

Watch for the blind spots.

I appreciate your feedback, please comment, like and share.

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