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Rich or Poor

Not long ago, I was talking to an elderly couple. I laughed and cried when I spoke to this couple who told me, "When we got married, we had nothing, and today we still have most of it." It speaks volumes about their journey, highlighting contentment, simplicity, and possibly a lack of material possessions, yet a wealth of something more profound.

This statement describes a journey marked by resilience and shared priorities. It signifies a bond that has weathered life's storms. Building memories of love and companionship was more important than accumulating material wealth. The statement spoke to their ability to find joy and fulfillment in the simple things of their life together.

Worldly pressures speak to the pursuit of material success. This couple reminds me that true wealth lies beyond what money can buy. It's about the strength of a partnership, the depth of connection, and the resilience to navigate life's challenges together.

This couple might have accumulated only a few material possessions over the years.

However, what they have retained is far more valuable—the essence of their journey, the love that has sustained them, and the experiences that have shaped their bond.

Another thing that they disclosed was that their journey began with a biblical foundation then they persistently grew their faith and love of the Lord. This reinforces that I regularly witness couples who pray, and worship together have wealth richer than any material possessions.

They might still have most of what they started with, but what truly matters—love, companionship, and shared experiences—has only grown richer with time.

Their story inspires me, reminding me that the true treasures in life are not measured by the size of our bank accounts or the possessions we accrue but by a solid shared faith, a deep connection, and the richness of experiences where beautiful memories are accumulated. Their story reminds me that the most precious things in life are often the most basic, straightforward, and enduring.

How about you? What are your treasures in life?

Watch for the blind spots.

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