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Routine Mode

When I say the Lord's Prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance, I test my memory rather than committing to the words that call me into action. How would I show up differently if I slowed down, said the words like I mean them, and committed to what I am saying?

I get into routine mode and say the words so quickly they have little meaning or cause little or nothing to change. I live in a beautiful nation rich in opportunities, yet I take them for granted. When I am reminded of the devastation of war, as seen in the news today, I feel so blessed to have particular routines I can enjoy.

Living on the Gulf Coast, we occasionally lose power and even the privilege of running water. It is inconvenient, but we usually know the restoral time, so I get to fuss for a little while, feeling fully justified.

When I see refugees giving up all their routines of home and family, I can't imagine what it would be like without electricity, water, and food for my family. What a helpless, hopeless feeling that would be. I prefer (or have a burning desire) to be in control. If I couldn't ever turn on the lights or water or return to my home, I can't imagine what that would be like.

I am so blessed with creature comforts that I can so easily take them for granted, just as I do the Lord's prayer and the pledge.

Being intentional and strategic about the seemingly ordinary aspects of my life, whether in prayer, patriotic affirmations, or any other routine, enriches my experiences and renews my appreciation for all of my blessings. Ultimately, the choice to slow down and approach life intentionally is a powerful motivation to rediscover the depth and beauty woven into the fabric of my daily existence. I take for granted what others don’t get to have or enjoy. Too many times, I go to sleep at the wheel.

How about you? Are you snared by routine and failing to smell the roses?

Watch for the blind spots.

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Right on Jerry. That whole message of yours in itself is a great prayer to say.

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