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So what, now what...

Holding grudges is like being very ill and not seeking medical assistance.

Joe and Janice have been arguing about the same thing for over a week.

The argument is not that important, but they just keep it going.

How long will this last?

Who is at fault?

What will it take to begin to move forward in the relationship?

Small things that get carried along can morph into larger things as they continue to persist.

Being able to resolve these small skirmishes will be a gift to the future.

When loving relationships, whether family or couples, fracture or become distant, it is critical to seek resolution as soon as possible.

This does not say that I will continue to relent and be treated badly. It means that I have my limits and will endure an occasional slip-up, but I will not endure them continually. I cannot tolerate the same repeated mistakes over and over.

I say—so what, now what.

I cannot go back and unring the bell.

If I have offended someone, I must let my heart and their perception of me serve as my apology.

If I have been offended, seeking, and allowing reconciliation as soon as possible is important.

Carrying a grudge without giving or getting relief, can build resentments that also get carried into the future and continue to contaminate the relationship.

“You don’t hold grudges. Holding onto a grudge means you’re holding onto stress, and emotionally intelligent people know to avoid this at all costs.” Jim Rohn

So what…I need to find ways to move forward and not hold back… Now what?

Look for the blind spots.

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