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Sometimes you have to be your own hero

I love working with people, especially people who desire to have something much better than what they have been experiencing.

I remember an example set by a young man some time ago.

He had a difficult circumstance in his family and felt like he was not included or important as others.

I will call him Jason. He was 12 when we began to discuss matters about feeling isolated and alone within his family.

As I asked ‘gently curious’ questions pertaining to how he wanted his family to be different, he quickly replied, “I want peace in my family.”

I asked again and he said, “I want to be praised.”

When I ask him a third time, he said, “I want a happy family.”

I was amazed by his desires. I wrote these things down quickly and was astonished.

I then said, “What behaviors or actions can you change to give it a chance?”

The key to success here was not looking for others to change but looking at what he could do differently to give what he wanted an opportunity to change.

The actions/behaviors he came up with were remarkable.

I utilized the principle of the Weekly Display and we structured it for him to see how his effort could affect his circumstances.

When Jason began to modify and alter his behavior, everything transformed slowly over time.

At the end of the week, he summarized his achieved results and compared them to his goal.

He had given himself an opportunity to have what he said he wanted…happiness, peace, and praise.

It can be the same for you, changing a few small actions or behaviors daily, can create successful new habits.

Sometimes you have to 'be your own hero for change'; with the Weekly Display, you can monitor on a consistent or regular basis and track your progress.

The goals that you set for your daily focus could be everyday activities, hours, minutes, miles, pounds, pages read, or any other things that you would like to measure.

Showing up differently gives you the opportunity to have what you say you want.

Keep looking for the blind spots and building a better you.

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